I have noticed around the web that people newly introduced to nudism, or have been previously reluctant to publish naked self-pix, tend to take pictures in their bathroom mirrors of themselves holding a camphone.

Come on guys'n'gals, inexperience in nudism does not mean inexperience with a camera. I am sure the last mobile phone produced without a camera timer, repeat, TIMER was in the last millennium.

There is no doubt whatsoever that we all look a lot more confident, chic and (most importantly) natural if we are unencumbered with a phone / camera in the picture. Even I almost look passable! There are a lot of good-looking, true nudist people in here who just need to drop the equipment to really cut a dash.

Ok, I know naturism is not supposed to be about image, but what is wrong with looking as good as you can?

Come on nudists, use your timers!

Inga North, Consultant