Hello guys. I don't know if this is in the right section but I've tried my best. This forum site could do with a little update tweeking but it'll do I'm sure.
Anyway I'll introduce myself and how I got into this if that's okay...

I'm a student and amature bodybuilder and fairly new to nudism. I found it at around 16 when I just hated wearing clothes and found being naked far much better, but we lived in a town so being nude outside was a no no so waiting 'til evryone was out the house before stripping nude and walking around the house, felt amazing. 2 years ago we moved to the countryside which by then I was hooked on expres myself by being naked and enjoying it, it's how were born so surely we can be naked and not be judged, right? Anyway there's lots of fields, grass, no neighbours and all that stuff. Lots of places to walk without being spotted. So it was just before I turned 18 I decided to 'explore' the area and finally go out and do it... I found an open field with long lush grass and some woodish areas. It was a sunny and hot day too with gorgeous blue skys which made it amazing. I looked around as you do and began to undress 'til I got down to my boxers where I made one last check, by this time my heart was racing and I got a slight erection due to fact I was breaking this barrier of 'wrongness' So anyway I took them off and stood there and just laughed due to the pure thrill and love for it. Asking myself WHY! Why haden't I done this earlier!? It felt great and so free. I thought to myself "How can this been seen as wrong? Being free and expressing yourself" I just ran around the long grass doing cartwheels and rolls then I did a few excersizes like pulls ups on the tree. Wow it was like being Hercules.
So anyway that's my story, I try and do this as much as I can because me and my girlfriend love it but we've never been to an actually nudist beach or resort but we are hoping to very soon. Thanks guys

Madison McCoist, Student