I don't hold to puritan views when it come to nudism. My view, humans were nude in the Garden of Eden, they met face to face with God every day, and not once did God say to them, "you're under-dressed for our meeting". I feel that the fewer people who know I am a nudist, the more freedom I will have to practice it. I don't want anti-nudists to find me nude and try to hog tie me and turn me into the police. What about letting people in on the little secret who go to church with me? I see nothing morally wrong about the life style, for sin is not in the body, but in the way one conducts one's self.

But still church people would wonder why some one would want to wear no clothes unless there were some kind of sex activity going on.

I would also think some parent would think a nudist would be preying on their children, you know: the wolf in sheep clothing old shoe.

So Christian nudists let's hear your story or view about letting your church mates in on your secret garden.

Mr. John Anderson, Designer