When I was 16, I went alone to the lake and bathed alone naked

My parents are not nudists, but several times we went to the lake, which is close to us (3km), and bathed naked!

When I was 16, I went alone to the lake and bathed alone naked, after a few days ago I was a little boring, to be naked only in water or on shore, and so I made a small walk naked and barefoot, I walked through the area around the lake, but not far, by the end of the nudist place. The next day I went back to the lake, I went out but did not go into the water, but about the nudist place, stark naked except for the sneakers. As the nudist place was over, I saw a small road that goes in the woods beside the lake and I thought I was going because sometimes the other. I ran around naked in the forest. I saw many trails that you can also go by bike, and I got the idea immediately, sometimes naked to ride a bike.

The next day it was time for me to bike ride, so I did not go to the lake, but equal to the woods, I took off down to my sneakers. I knew that the forest is not passed by many people, so I drove a few kilometers. I made a few days until I once thought, came up to go home. I went to the main road, but did not dare to home, which is 200 meters away from the road.

One day my mother said that we visit Grandma, I said that I did not accompany him: "I go to the lake." So I went on the road to the lake, undressed, put my things in the bicycle basket and went back into the forest. After several hours it had become quite dark, and when I was back off the main road, I thought that I must quickly crossed the street to try to go home. In two minutes I was in our garden. The day was great for me, but I did not know that I saw a neighbor. She told my father the next day that I went home at night naked, my father told me nothing.

A week later my parents had free, but they have not with me to the lake, but remained in the house. My big brother (19) and sister (21) were in holiday in Spain.

So I went to the lake, was a little, and after half an hour I went with my tennis shoes on the bike. It was stupid that I left my things on this day at the lake. But my parents also went to the lake, not to bathe, but to watch me. The saw that I went away on a bicycle naked. My parents took my clothes and went home.

After several hours I returned to the lake and suddenly I had a big shock I did not see my stuff!

I was looking around like naked - but nothing, I was almost to tears.

I did not know what to tell my parents when I showed up naked at home, and I was afraid that I will be seen on the way to the house, and it was the weekend and a lot was going on. I waited until it was dark, and after much thought, I went home. Luckily no one saw me, I think in any case, made fast to our garden gate and left my bike. I quickly went to the basement and up the stairs just to go in my room, but my mother had caught me!

"Come here Anna, what's the matter with you?" said my mother. I wanted to say that you had stolen my stuff, but my mother had in her hand! I can not describe to you my shock! My mother took me into the kitchen and we sat down, I wanted to put on me, but my father was against it. "You stay naked until we have talked about it," he said. We talked for nearly an hour, and they said simply that they do not mind if I show myself naked or naked in the house move. My father said to me: "Are you staying for three days naked in the house, come to your brother and your sister from leave, that is your punishment, even if you do not want that." I spent three days naked at home, so I made everything naked and found it super cool!

72When my brother and my sister came back, my mother spoke to them. My brother laughed at first, but was not, however, my sister had absolutely no problem with that, they also found it cool, and visit it is so. My parents first to talk about it, most have no problem with that, but if someone is against it, I pull at me, of course.

Now I'm 19 and for three years naked. The appeal to experience something special, just naked, only to be out with sneakers, which I still have, but before I talk with my parents. I go naked to my friend who lives next door, our neighbors all know that I am a nudist fan, and have all seen me naked! Two days ago I told my mother that I would go naked to our relatives to visit, and we went there, I return to at home naked and again. I have seen much, write soon!

Translator's note: What a wonderful story and what is remarkable for a girl! Truly independent children and young adults who follow anyone except her soul, so rare.

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