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  1. kobelko62

    the woman has a supreme assets , but the largest feet in the world !

  2. Ickebinz

    Hot damn - she is one horny bitch

  3. Jasper50

    What a superb collection, loved it!

  4. regaz

    I would love to get that too!

  5. needywoma

    And another flick that plays for a few seconds and then stops, c'mon xhamster...sort it out!

  6. a_normal_

    Super Dutch Outdoor Mature!!

  7. klaus243

    but the exposure of the dame is nice and the rubber got wrecked during a fuck.all in all good movie

  8. pacoalvar

    die bank kenn ich

  9. PabloHone

    From the movie ENCORE (1995)

  10. darkelf829

    Love tons sit on that

  11. inserther

    fuckin nice

  12. BAC2401

    I love feeding on a nice explosion in the bathroom

  13. pussylickme

    Wow nice duo anf fine got me hard...

  14. desperanzza

    c2c baby

  15. so12885


  16. marcelsky
  17. salvodor

    mmmmmmmmmm i want be on that strand

  18. cuckdream

    Swimsuit fucky-fucky hot--sand in genitals NOT!

  19. njthug76

    I see these taunts in the mall and I want to thrust them up against a wall, lift up their skirts and give them a hard butt fuck.

  20. cham_and_

    so hard

  21. voyeur-east

    After fucking them for 81:38, don't you thing it should have ended with Two internal ejaculation milfs?

  22. shepherds

    Very Pretty and so sweet

  23. mikesmyth

    WoW so hot wifey. Gread Figure, Titts, Nippels and Cootchie. Please want to See Moore from here. Need to See here fucking.

  24. privatefo

    She's got a beautiful big assets, wow wow

  25. solagge

    excellent !!!!!

  26. Hank_Mood

    i have to get to this sand

  27. Durik


  28. stroker00

    hot whore

  29. voyeur77

    mm like it)

  30. wildcatno

    mmmmm my ultimate fantasy. Attempting to get my misses involved.

  31. nylon40

    nasty nice

  32. grovkuk

    Superb video,m-am masturbat de multe ori privindu-l

  33. bigp1313

    fukk her asshole too

  34. jeba58

    This clip could've been edited in Photoshop or something.

  35. NCogNeato

    step aside, i'll facehole that meat

  36. johnsinma

    Thanks for friending me. I appreciate it. You have superb flicks.

  37. lovehouse

    Very first I like to say, scene 11:07 - 16:58 (Sex on the bus, lady name: Laura Lion - hot & erotic dark haired Euro beauty) scene is so intense, so hot, very very erotic, very kinky while scene 16:59 - 20:27 OMG, is so shocking & crazy but still hot, it is not staged at all (The real deal)! Scene, 11:07 - 16:58 is staged, another word people on that bus are acting or are extras in being in a pornography film, they are aware of the situation that the two people performing hookup are making a pornography film as well as they are there for background & foreground purposes (Notion: Fantasy purpose of duo fucking or having bang-out at a public place within view of people and sans the public viewer objecting or noticing the fucky-fucky acts, very hot, sexually intense, erotic & kinky fantasy & scene!). Unlike the other scene, scene 16:59 - 20:27 which is not staged at all where two lezzy purposely engaging in a sexual act at a public train station in view of people and passerby (8O Shocking & exciting!) which are not actors & actresses nor extras! It is not hot the dame tongue in the other lady piss stream :( & shockingly crazy sexual act in public right in view of people and passerby (not right). Those two dolls gotta be on drugs to do that crazy act in public, unbelievable! This is a shocking (against the law, lewd act in public, the real thing no actors and actresses, etc.) & titillating (as in very kinky & hot) scene. Both scenes are very hot & intense scenes to get you in the mood for romp, jerking off or masturbating to or with a partner! :)

  38. kona_john

    wow, yes!

  39. wayne_

    Fucking love chubby girls!

  40. Gaseous_S

    HOT HOT HOT!!!

  41. mate023

    Nice! :) This seems to be the lengthy version of this true production. I wonder how this was made, with all the numerous camera angles and studio-like editing and acting (the pussy eating, for example). Good hybrid movie.

  42. ryemiche

    Nou chrissy dat ziet er allemaal erg goed uit zeg

  43. legman426

    I want some Asian cootchie any takers???

  44. zyprft

    aber gestellt

  45. MinxGirl

    Love that sucking and wanking with a threesome.

  46. xxx866

    Wow, a excellent scene, thanks!!!

  47. stroker999

    Money & hook-up goes arm in forearm :)

  48. cherokee56

    echt lecker ... :)

  49. john6101

    She is an awesome cockslut wifey, WOW!!!



  51. paulas2

    Stunning ladies in a very fine copy - supreme.

  52. bindaas_b

    a quella incinta dovevano mettere un cappuccio sulla testa. giusto le tette altrimenti e inguardabile

  53. Tillit

    Damn - a very horny nice fuck

  54. inannax

    not too bad at all

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