Will I need my top or i can nude tanning?

Hi The first summer after meeting my girlfriend - she was 23 and we got married a year later - we went on a two-week holiday to the Greek islands.

Specifically, we went to an island off Corfu, travelling by night from Corfu on an open boat holding a dozen of us.
I forget the name of the town but I know we chose it for its quietness. There were no clubs, no discos, just a couple of tavernas.
The boat arrived around 10am and I was open-mouthed at the beauty of this little fishing port with its white buildings and the blue and yellow boats in the harbour and the green cliffs behind. We walked to the room we'd rented and my girlfriend went to sleep.
I was too excited and had to wander off. As I did, the magic of it all rose to impossible proportions as I heard flute music coming across the bay. I set off to find it, knowing that sounds crossing water are hard to pin down. I walked along the shingle beach, where the first topless girls were, and then the first of a couple of nudists, and on to the big rocks behind. All the time I was getting nearer to this music but I couldn't see where it was coming from. Finally, after a lot of clambering, I saw two girls of about 19, 20 - you can find it at my teen nudist photos, long dark hair, brown as berries, sitting naked on one of the rocks. One was playing the flute, the other gazing at her or out to sea. They were more interested in each other than in me, I think.
It seemed so romantic that I went a little further and took my clothes off as well. I thought about nude swimming but the water was surprisingly cold. Instead, I sat there for a while and then, feeling awkward, got dressed and wandered back. The girls smiled as I passed but I don't think I interested them as much as each interested the other.
When I got back, I showed nudist pictures I told the nudist story of what a wonderful place it was, without for the moment mentioning the naturist girls. We packed towels and other beach gear and my girlfriend asked "Will I need my top or i can nude tanning?" It was the only bikini top she has ever owned and I think it only got worn twice. "From what I've seen," I said, "I don't think you'll need to wear anything at all."
We only occasionally stripped off on that nudist holiday, feeling more awkward than shy or embarrassed. We made some nudist photos.There was just the one stretch of beach and it didn't seem right to be the only ones. But from then on we stripped off more and more and now it's just a given on any sun trip, that we'll come home with no tan lines. That was 25 years ago so our nudist pictures - are vintage nudist photos and we celebrated last October, the month in which we got married, by spending two weeks on the southern Spanish coast. Not wearing anything, of course!

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