The girls were absolutely satisfied …

Four beautiful chicks, Angela, Viola, Katie and Nora, the closest friends from the early childhood, had a lovely hen-party. They had had some good red wine and then spoke about their boyfriends and jobs.

The girls had a great time together because they had a lot of things in common and had no secrets form each other. From their childhood they shared the innermost secrets like the first date, the very first kiss or losing virginity. Now Angela was sharing her impressions with her friends after visiting a nude beach for the first time in her life. Viola, Katie and Nora never had an experience like this and they listened eagerly. Angela vividly described the pleasures of staying in the sun naked feeling its warmth with every inch of her skin as well as swimming nude when water tickled the most sensitive spots of her body.
The rest of the girls looked really interested, so Angela decided to make them play right into her hands and proposed them a game of pool. Viola, Katie and Nora were not aware of the fact how great Angela was at playing pool. The foxy baby proposed the winner to make a wish the losers were to fulfill. The chicks agreed and the game began. But very soon the three chicks one by one lost their games. Katie lost without even scoring a single point! Triumphant and dirty-minded Angela made her wish: the next weekend all the four of them had to visit a nude beach nearby and Katie was to be the first to undress completely. The girls had nothing to do but agree.
The next weekend the weather was fantastic. It was so warm and sunny the chicks were happy to spend the whole day out basking in the sunshine. They even almost forgot they were heading for one of the most popular nude beaches in the locality. But little trickster Angela didn't miss the right turn and soon the friends saw a picturesque nook with their own eyes.
The first thing that caught their eye was a number of naked bodies without a slightest trace of tan line on them. Those bodies were absolutely ordinary and it was clearly seen they do not belong to top models from the covers of magazines. It was reassuring and gave the chicks confidence. So the girls found a suitable place to spread their mats and started undressing. It turned out everyone but Angela had their bathing suits on! The babes still hoped to escape punishment. Angela grinned wickedly and reminded them of the game of pool and of the winner's wish.
Katie was the first to undress. The poor lady looked around, plucked up her courage and took off her tiny bra and panties decisively showing to the general public her lovely slender nude figure. The first minutes she felt confused but very soon she liked numerous gazes caressing her beautiful body and even felt unusual excitement!
Angela decided to support her friend and took off her shorts and top showing she had nothing underneath. The two chicks looked gorgeous together. Katie was blond and fair with delicate body. Angela was a brunette with her swarthy skin and feline movements. The girls felt absolutely natural. They started chasing each other trying to spank each other's tight asses jokingly. They laughed happily and encouraged Viola and Nora to join in.
It was clearly seen Viola enjoyed the atmosphere and was ready to take off her clothes but Nora looked a little scared. So Angela and Katie went away to have a refreshing bathe and give the two girls some time to get accustomed.
When Angela and Katie returned, dripping and absolutely happy, they found Viola stretching peacefully on her mat literally purring in the sun and having only her bijou on! The kinky girls were glad to see it. Nora was the only one who wouldn't take her things off. She looked a little weird on the nude beach in her bright yellow and green swimming suit but the tree girls couldn't do a thing to her!
The perfect day was moving on. The four chicks joked and laughed, tanned and enjoyed themselves. Suddenly there appeared a man with a professional camera looking for a girl to make a set of nude pics. Angela, Katie and Viola approached him to see what was to happen next because they had never watched a professional photographer at work before. The photographer mounted his camera and walked alone the beach looking for model. To the three friends' greatest surprise the man came up to Nora, sat beside her and talked with her for a while.
After several minutes the girls couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Nora taking off her clothes calmly! Angela, Katie and Viola were really shocked to see their small decent angel turn into a sexy red-haired tigress! Nora was simply gorgeous! She was showing off for the camera so naturally and professionally it was hard to realize it was their tiny shy friend.
The set of pictures turned out to be perfect. Angela, Katie and Viola promised to think of some punishment for their naughty friend Nora. The girls were absolutely satisfied with their week-end and were planning to spend one more day on a nude beach like that one.


The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked… Both of these feelings are strong – though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of Voy Zone you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.

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