My wife, my daughter and I …

My wife, my daughter and I were spending holidays in Blanes, Spain this June. It's a shame that it was almost the end of our vacations when we got to know about Boadella not far from lloret de Mar. after my wife had been nagging me to go there for quite a while we finally found ourselves on the beach.

The beach was not big but a very picturesque one; secluded by the rock-ribbed coasts, it was also divided in two by a rock at the water edge. The sign at the beach read in different languages: Official Nude Beach. one part of the beach was crowded by beachers in swimsuits who must have come from the nearby lodgings, and the other part of it screened by the above mentioned rock was unofficially spared for nudists.
We had been discussing the possibilities of visiting a nude beach some day well before in the family, as my wife doesn't really like to burden herself with much clothing neither at home nor at the seaside; and, the year before when we were spending our vacation in Vityasevo we would beach by the dunes on the sea spit for the most part, and my wife would only put on her swimsuit when going bathing. I would also take off my trunks from time to time, but I was mainly trying not to flash my nudity.
When we came to Boadella for the first time the weather was not very favorable for beaching as it was partly cloudy and the wind was rather fresh, and so we found ourselves a place with the clothed crowd and my wife was not even hurrying to change into her swimsuit. I then tried to make her move to the other side of the beach but she rejected it point-blank; nevertheless, after a little while she changed into her swimsuit (in fact, it was only her thong as she would never wear her swimsuit top while beaching in Spain) in front of the beachers. She just took off her shorts (naturally, she wasn't wearing panties) and put on her swimsuit thong; I cannot say that there were many beachers to see her, but there were some for sure, for example a group of elderly people from Russia lodged at a distance of some 3 feet from us. Fresh air was still discomforting and I finally managed to talk my wife into moving to the other side of the beach under the pretext of having ourselves shielded from the wind by the rock. When at last we lodged on the other side I got a good dressing down for provoking her to do this blister and heard a number of reasons for which we shouldn't had come to the nude beach; she refused to go nude and continued to sunbathe topless. And, frankly speaking, I had been hoping that it would be her who'll take off her swimsuit, and as for me - I would play by the ear. So I could say that the moment for opportunistic actions had come, thus I took off my trunks. The beach community was composed by 2/3 of men and by 1/3 of women, mainly middle-aged ones. There were also some couples where one was wearing a swimsuit and the other one was nude. The total quantity of beachers could be estimated as about 30 persons. Having spent another hour and a half at the beach, we returned to the hotel. Having had enough time to watch the way people act at the beach, my wife cleared the majority of her charges.
The next day when the weather was permitting (unfortunately, that day was the last but one) we went to the beach once again, and this time we went intently to the nude one. That day there wee much more people; in particular, there were more young beachers. We found a place by the edge of it and immediately undressed. Initially, my wife would keep lying on the mat, but having got used to the circumstances she made it to the water and gladly posed for the camera. As for myself, I was mainly concerned with the possibility of getting aroused, but all in all I coped with that, but when I was taking pictures of my wife walking past nude dudes I couldn't control myself and so I had to retreat into the water. Except for that, all was smooth and quite natural. My wife also had had a lot of fun, and she accounted for this by the fact that it was only there that she could relax and she considered the day we spent at the nude beach the best one. I think she puts on a bit of a show whenever she tells our friends that she's been there.
When we got back home we got to sunbathing nude in the suburb fixing our Spanish suntan.

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