I was in my late teens …

Well, I was in my late teens. I had read a story in one of the local newspapers about a nudist park in the area. I had always enjoyed walking around our home in the nude. Of coarse, I would only get to do it when no one was at home. One of the houses my family lived in had an inground pool in the backyard

. I loved when no one was home, except me, and I was able to go out and swim in the pool in the nude. I would also lay out in the sun in the nude to get a nice tan. We had a neighborhood park right behind this home, so I had to keep my ears open for any sounds of anyone near the fence when I sunbathed nude. I didn't care too much when I was swimming. I figured that the water would hide my nudity enough, or if I had to, I could always swim to the side of the pool, and use the pool to hide my nudity.
I was able to get away with this home alone nudity for a long time. One day, I was home alone, so I figured I would get some nude sunbathing in while I had the house to myself. I was out in the backyard. This was in a home a few years after we moved out of the one with the pool. I was laying on a blanket, enjoying the sun on my body, when suddenly I heard, "Jimmy! The neighbors are going to see you." I turn to look over my left shoulder. I knew it was my mom. I look, and there she is, standing at my parent's bedroom window, looking at me. I tryed to blow the whole thing off by saying, "No they won't. The fence is big enough." She had come home, without me hearing her, and she opened my parent's bedroom drapes, only to find me in the backyard on a blanket with my bare butt to the sun. I tryed to act like nothing wrong was going on. After all, she was my mom. She was the one who gave birth to me, and gave me my baths when I was growing up. Seeing me naked, and seeig by bare butt. wasn't a big deal.
My dad talked to me about it a few days later. He didn't like me going out in the backyard nude, and tryed to use the excuse that it was against the law for someone to be outside, even in their own backyard that is shielded from the neighbors, in the nude. I still did it though. It got to where I would just take my clothes off, wrap a towel around me, and go out in the backyard with a blanket over my arm. I would do this with my mom at home. She would see me like that, and she would get a big smile on her face. She knew what I was doing. It actually felt good to be able to sunbathe nude in the backyard the whole time my mom was inside the house.
Now like I wrote, I read a story in the local paper about a nudist park in the area. I had never been to a nudist park, but was always very curious. I had learned where there were some nude beaches were by this time, and had already gone to one of them. That in itself was something very new to me. The first time I went to the nude beach, I told myself to just strip and get everything over with. I did, and it was like I was used to within and hour, if that long. I loved the feeling of the sun and sea breeze on my skin. But, I had yet to go to the nudist park. I called the park, and made a time to go visit. I got there, and they told me the rules, and gave me a quick idea of what the etiqutte was at a nudist park. Again, I stripped real quick to get over the first time shyness. After awhile, it was like I had been doing this nudist thing all my life. I loved the whole thing about nudism. I seen real fast that I was just as normal as anyone else.
I have been a nudist for over 20 years now. My family doesn't follow me in the lifestyle, but I have had friends and some family go with me to the nude beach. And, we have gone to those rent a hot tub places, where you rent a tub and room by the hour. While we were all in it, no one wore clothes, and no one thought anything about it. I used to sunbathe nude in my grandmother's and aunt's backyard, while they were at home. They cared less that I was nude in the backyard. Their attitude about the whole thing was, if the neighbors have never seen it before, then they wouldn't know what they were looking at when they seen it.
a lot of my friends know I'm a nudist. They tease me about it at times, but they could care less about the whole thing. In fact, some have asked me to take them to the park I am a member of at the moment. Maybe, one of these days I will take them up on it.

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