We went on a cruise to the Caribbean …

My wife and I had never really discussed "going nude" since she was generally very modest in her method of dressing and it just didn't seem like something she would ever go for.

I'd had, quite honestly, an urge to "try it" in public or socially for some time, but just figured it would never happen. We went on a cruise to the Caribbean for the first time when we were 44 years old (we're the same age, one month apart actually) and I kept reading this little handbook telling what was at each port to do or see. I was titillated by the idea of going to Orient Beach on St. Martin since it was a totally nude beach resort area. The tricky part, of course, was getting my wife to go there without her knowing what it was. Fortunately she had picked a couple of things she wanted to do in other ports, so I got to choose spending most of a day at Orient Beach. We got off the ship and immediately I asked a cabbie to take us to Orient Beach and my wife figured we were off for just a day or sunning and swimming much like we'd done at home in Virginia (where there are no official nude beaches...in fact girls can't even wear thong swimsuits in conservative Virginia). Once we got there and the cab had left us in this large parking lot, we wandered down to the beach. The parking lot dumps you out exactly at the "dividing point" between the Nude and Non-nude beach area. There is a "DMZ" that consists of a large sign indicating a nude beach is beyond it, and some kind of hut that sells beverages that is "slightly" on the non-nude side of the sign, but nude people did wander over to get drinks since there didnt appear to be a watering hole on the nude side. I saw my wifes face when she first noticed two guys and a girl standing near the corner of the hut totally nude and casually drinkning a brew. Then she saw the sign and she looked at me with that "okay wise guy...I know what you're up to" look. I convinced her to at least walk with me part the way down the nude beach to "see the sights"...I admit it was a voyeuristic venture for me...I didn't have high ideals of naturism on my mind..let's be honest. I was at first impressed with the fact that people were very much into minding their own business and totally relaxed in their own skin. There were many Europeans vacationing there and they normally have a much more casual approach to nudity than someone born and raised in Virginia, I assure you. I told my wife that she didn't have to take off her swimsuit if she wasnt comfortable doing it, but I definitely wanted to "just try it" and this might be my only chance. She laughed and told me to "knock yourself out if you have the nerve". I told her we should walk a little farther down the beach away from the parking lot area so we wouldnt be seen by other passengers from the ship that might come down there. I was intimidated that someone "like us" might come walking by fully clothed and see me (or us) naked..somehow that didnt seem fair. So..evenutally we were far enough down the beach to be away from the casual "gawkers" and we spread the beach towels and settled in. I sat there for a long few moments and then took a deep breath and slipped off the swimsuit for the first time ever in a public setting. I was trying to be very casual and cool about it as I laid back and closed my eyes from the sun directly overhead. I could hear the sound of the surf, smell the salt water, and feel that glorious warmth touching me where I never felt it before. It was surprisingly relaxing and sensual without being sexual. I very nice feeling that I hadn't experienced before. My wife did, eventually, dare to remove her top and laid there with her breasts exposed. It was a big step for her and we enjoyed the day quite a bit. I felt good that I'd finally had an opportunity to experience nudity and the glorious feeling that goes with it..and that my wife shared it with me (at least partially for her) for her first time as well. That opened the door for us to "get our feet" wet and we've enjoyed many years of it since that fateful day. My wife and I enjoy it as fully and as often as we can! I urge anyone to try it at least once... you'll only wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I wish I'd had the courage and opportunity to do it when we were first married at age 21 ( no doubt we would have looked better than we did at 44 and certainly now that we're in our 50's!) But, how we look is everyone else's problem..for us..we felt GREAT!

The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked… Both of these feelings are strong – though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of Voy Zone you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.

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